With an angled head and a dustpan that clips directly on the brush, this set saves on bending and stooping. Its no-fuss design also includes a handle that snaps into the pan for compact storage.

Its plastic bristles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and they’re dense and firm enough to push aside larger debris. The comb at the top of the dustpan is self cleaning and removes hair, dust and lint from the bristles.

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Consider Your Cleaning Needs

The broom and dustpan set you choose should be suited for the surface you’re sweeping, as well as how much dirt and debris you normally remove. For example, some brooms have flagged bristles that enlarge the surface area, which is ideal for smooth floors.

You may also want angled bristles, which make it easier to sweep along baseboards and into corners. And for sweeping larger areas, consider a push broom that can handle your weight. Alternatively, you can pick up a whisk broom that’s lighter and more portable. These brooms often snap into dustpans for compact storage. Theresa Holland is a seasoned commerce writer who writes about lifestyle and home improvement products. She conducted interviews with two cleaning professionals and scoured user reviews to select durable, effective products for this roundup.

Types of Bristles

There are a variety of bristle types available for use in broom and dustpan set. These include natural hairs such as squirrel or ox hair, as well as synthetic materials such as nylon. Bristle recovery strength determines how durable a brush is, while bristle softness impacts how coarse it feels to the touch.

For example, boar bristles on a hairbrush redistribute oils and improve hair texture while reducing fizzing. Nylon bristles are softer and ideal for simple, everyday grooming, such as detangling hair that’s too thick for boar bristles. Some brushes even feature a wide set of nylon bristles that reach more hairs and provide greater control.

Handle Length

This broom and dustpan set has an adjustable handle that goes from 30 to 52 inches, making it easy to keep floors clean without straining your back. The dustpan also clips onto the broom for easy storage, and it folds flat to take up minimal space in your cleaning cabinet.

This long-handled broom and dustpan is a great option for people who need to avoid bending down frequently because of a health issue or age-related limitations. It is also an excellent choice for teaching young children about the value of chores and helping them develop their own organizational skills. This broom and dustpan set is made from high-quality materials that are sturdy enough for repeated use.

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This broom and dustpan set has an innovative design that makes cleaning more enjoyable. Its pan has side combs that clean the bristles, reducing the need to wash them manually.

The broom has flagged bristles and a feathered texture that snags debris. It also has a beechwood handle that slots into the dustpan and is treated with oil for comfort and durability.

The plastic dustpan has teeth that comb the broom, keeping it free of pet hair, lint and other debris that otherwise clogs it. Its lid closes flush with the floor and it snaps into the broom for upright and compact storage.

Dustpan Design

Broom and dustpan set are designed to sweep dirt and debris to dustpans, which collect and carry it into a trashcan or another receptacle. Some brooms and dustpans are sold together as a unit to simplify cleaning and storage. Examples include long-handled brooms that transform into a handheld brush and a dustpan, or the silent butler, a lidded handheld dustpan.

Other dustpans feature a flexible lip that molds to flat surfaces and a design that snaps into the brush for upright storage. They can also include plastic teeth that comb through broom bristles to remove stuck-on debris and reduce odors. These features make a dustpan more effective for large sweeping tasks or tackling stubborn street dirt.

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Budget-Friendly Options

Broom and dustpan sets are simple cleaning tools that are often much less expensive than vacuum cleaners. They’re a staple in kitchens, where they easily sweep up dry spills before mopping or vacuuming, and can be used throughout the house.

Look for sets with angled heads that can reach into corners. These are a great choice for people who have trouble bending or kneeling. They also tend to be lighter than long-handle models, which can help you keep your back healthy. Some models even include a storage space for the broom when it’s not in use. Some have metal handles that offer durability, while others have bamboo or wooden handle designs for a homey aesthetic.

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