A magnetic phone holder is designed to attach to your car’s dashboard, CD player, windshield, or air vent for easy accessibility while driving. They typically come with a metal plate to mount to your device and magnets to hold it firmly in place.

We reviewed several types of magnetic phone holders, focusing on the following criteria: Stability and motion.

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Mounting Options

The type of magnetic phone mount you choose depends on where and how you plan to use it. For example, a car mount attaches to the dashboard, cd player, windshield, or air vent, making it easy to access while driving. A desk mount is designed to sit on a desktop or table, keeping your mobile device within reach while working.

Some people worry that magnets might damage the data stored in their phones. However, modern smartphones come with storage chips that protect the content. A simple test with a strong neodymium magnet proves that mobile devices are safe for magnetic mounts. The magnet is only strong enough to cause damage if it’s touching the phone directly. Otherwise, it doesn’t affect your smartphone’s performance or capabilities in any way.


Magnetic phone holders are very popular because they allow you to mount your smartphone on a flat surface without the need for clamps or brackets. They also work well on curved surfaces, including cars.

Many people worry that magnets will damage their smartphones, but most mobile phones have storage chips made of flash memory, so they cannot be damaged by magnets. Magnetic forces and device plates are also not strong enough to affect your contacts, photos, or emails stored on your phone.

There are several types of magnetic car phone mounts available, including those that attach to your dashboard or windshield or those that sit on your desk or table. Some even have a special lock that holds your phone extra securely. Choose a holder that fits your vehicle’s style and interiors.

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Magnetic Strength and Stability

A good magnetic phone holder should be strong enough to hold your device during the bumpy ride and sharp turns. It should also be able to rotate your mobile phone easily for various angles without any restrictions on usage. For example, the Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount allows you to adjust your mobile phone’s angle freely with just a simple manual movement.

It is also important that the magnetic force and device plates used in the holder are not strong enough to damage your phone. This is because the phone’s signals are not affected by magnetism since they operate on different concepts.

In addition, a magnetic holder should not damage the phone’s speakers as well. This is because the speakers are usually located at the center of your mobile phone, whereas the magnets in the holder are placed on the outside edges.

Adjustability and Flexibility

Magnetic phone holders use magnets to attach to a metal plate on the back of your mobile device. Some mounts come with additional plates for use with other devices. The holder then uses the force of the magnet to hold the device. The magnetic force is strong enough to withstand bumps and shocks from driving, making this type of holder safer than most clip holders.

One concern people may have about using a magnetic car phone holder is whether the magnets can damage their phones’ GPS features. However, most phones’ GPS systems don’t rely on geomagnetic forces to function.

Moreover, you can also choose a holder that allows you to adjust and swivel your phone for optimal visibility while you drive. This flexibility ensures that you can always focus on the road.

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Ease of Installation and Removal

Unlike clip holders, magnetic mounts don’t require clamps and can be installed in just a few seconds. They also tend to stay in place better and are less prone to damage.

Moreover, many magnetic phone holder is designed to be easy to dock and undock your phone with just a simple touch of a button. Some such as the Pivoi Strong Magnetic Car Air Vent Mount have smart snap technology that lets you dock and remove your mobile device in seconds.

Using a magnetic car mount makes it easy for you to keep your hands free and focus on the road. It also helps you in adjusting your phone to the perfect viewing angle for comfortable usage while driving. Even bumps on the road and sudden turns won’t move your phone out of position.

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