Whether you’re a hat-lover or not, there are many different styles of hats to choose from. From Derby hats to Panamas, there are plenty of options to choose from! Here are some of the most popular summer hat styles.

Bucket hats

If you’re looking to add a unique and quirky summer wardrobe piece, consider a bucket hat. This headpiece can be worn with everything from a simple summer dress to a festival look. These hats are also a perfect addition to any streetwear-inspired look. While bucket hats are notoriously one-size-fits-all, some companies offer a 100-day refund policy.

Bucket hats

When shopping for a bucket hat, you’ll want to keep in mind the weather and the time of year you’re wearing it. You’ll want a bucket hat that is light and breathable. In summer, the sun can be extremely bright, so you’ll want to choose a hat that can protect your face from it while still allowing you to breathe easily. For added sun protection, look for a bucket hat with a brim and mesh.


The summer season is a great time to switch up your look, and fedoras are a great option. These hats offer protection against the sun and are a great way to add a stylish touch to your outfit. However, you will want to choose a quality fedora that fits properly and is water-resistant. You don’t want to opt for straw or a brim that is too small.


Fedoras come in a wide range of materials and colors. Panama straw fedoras are ideal for summer, while black fedoras are perfect for all seasons. While black and brown are classic colors, you can also opt for a colored ribbon and feather. This way, you can add more detail to your hat, without changing the entire hat.

Derby hats

A Derby Hat is a popular fashion accessory for the summer months. The hat can be a flashy, large hat or a simple, tailored hat. They are available in a wide range of colors, including white and blue. Whether you are attending the Kentucky Derby on a warm summer day or are looking for an elegant hat for a formal event, there is a hat for you.

When wearing a Derby hat in the summer, it is best to choose one with a wide brim. These hats will keep you from getting too hot, and will protect your head from the sun. Make sure to pin the brim securely in place with a hairpin.

Panama hats

Wearing Panama hats in the summer is an excellent way to add a stylish flair to your ensemble. They provide great sun protection and are a classic accessory. Originally from the nation of Panama, the Panama hat has been around for many years. Whether you’re heading to the beach or to a summer festival, this stylish hat is sure to add a unique twist to your look.

During the construction of the Panama Canal, Panama hats were commonly worn by workers. The hats were specially supplied by Ecuador and were meant to keep canal workers from sun stroke. By the time the canal was completed, the headdress had gained worldwide popularity. Soon, it was a staple of the summer wardrobe in many countries. This headdress also fits in perfectly with military-style clothes.

Snapback baseball cap

One of the most popular cap styles is the snapback baseball cap, which is characterized by a flat peak and a six-panel construction. It is popular with Major League Baseball players, hairy hipsters, and hip-hop icons alike. Its name derives from the snap closure on the back of the hat, which allows the wearer to easily remove it or put it on over a new hairstyle. Some snapback caps come with an adjustable strapback for a custom fit.

Another great style for summer is a women’s trucker hat. These are comfortable, adjustable, and come in a variety of fun designs. They are usually made of cotton and feature a curve bill that will help to protect your skin from the sun. They also feature a six-panel mid-profile front and mesh back for cooling.

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